Its super easy. Guests use the touch screen to get things started. The booth takes a series of photos.... and then moments later, they print out.
Pretty much anything; weddings, engagement party's, birthday party's, school formals, trade events, corporate functions, product launches, the list goes on.....
Awesome! Seriously. All photos will be printed using state-of-the-art thermal dye sublimation printers, as used by photo processing companies the world over. This ensures all photos are delivered touch dry and waterproof in seconds.
Yes. We can arrange this with you prior to the event. Just let us what you would like.
Oh boy yes!!! With well over 100 varied and good quality props we bring along our own tables, hat stand and glasses stand to display them all.
Visits to the booth are unlimited with one printed produced each time. If a guest book as been selected, a second print will be produced for this